Getting Ready for Confession?

If you’re preparing for the Sacrament of Confession (which you ought to celebrate sometime during Lent) here is a litany of Repentance. What is good about this approach is that it lists many attitudes and drives that are sinful and thus helps us to look a little deeper, beyond our external behaviors to the deeper dirve that give rise to sin. I have put the Litany in pdf form and you can get it hereLitany of Penance and Reparation

There is also an Examination of Conscience that is pretty good and is available here: Examen

One Reply to “Getting Ready for Confession?”

  1. Boy! What a wake up call. We Christians sometimes really think we got it made! It is really sharking to review the “Litany of Penance” so many things on the list are consciously committed acts to a point that it becomes a norm. So many things in this world we turn our heads and blame it on the cause of someone else. It’s a reality that the things we DO on the list are just as bad as the things we FAIL to do. Thank you Lord for the GIFT of Reconciliation. There is a work to do! Lord give us Courage.

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