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Tag: doctrine

On the Development of Doctrine (as illustrated in a Superbowl commercial).

February 9, 2012 0 Comments

Consider for a moment if you or I were to plant an acorn and then water it daily. Would we not be gravely disappointed if, within the space of a year, that acorn remained wholly unchanged, i.e. remained just an acorn? We may as well have planted a stone. Of course what we expect to […]

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Pondering the "Smaller but Purer" Vision of the Church

September 22, 2010 59 Comments

In the early days of his Pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI was quoted to say that he envisioned the immediate future of the Church to be a smaller but more pure Church. In the video below he reiterates something very similar: In my view, a Church which seeks above all to be attractive, is already on […]

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