My Latest Radio Show

Monsignor Charles Pope looks at headlines affecting the Church and the world. A Vatican Budget Black Hole, USCCB cuts to CCHD, new policy on Tattoos and Piercings, Cardinal O’Malley on Rupnik’s Art, and the controversy surrounding an Austrian statue of Our Lady.

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2 Replies to “My Latest Radio Show”

  1. Forget about most of all that nonsense!
    Stick to pure and good old-time evangelisation – it is needed NOW, more than ever . . . . . !!
    Was reading Malachi the other day and he talks quite forcefully about the earth ‘Burning Up’ – ‘Not a root or branch left’.
    Not much time left for the ‘truly’ important things, whether it is the beginning of time, or the end of times.
    As for the Vatican’s ‘Black Hole’ in the coffers, – dear dear? What a shame!! They’ll just have to cut back – massively – on all the gold and silver embroidered fancy-dress and jetting off all around the world on pointless diplomatic excursions, won’t they.
    “Behold, NOW is the day of the Lord; NOW is the time of Salvation.”

    1. Write your own blog, do your own radio show. You’ve become a nasty hypercritic.

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